Wednesday, March 22, 2023

How Internet Crypto can be Broken

Veritasium has a nice video on How Quantum Computers Break The Internet... Starting Now:
A quantum computer in the next decade could crack the encryption our society relies on using Shor's Algorithm.
Some really paranoid people are worried that their communications are being intercepted now, so that the cryptography can be broken in 10-15 years when quantum computers become practical.

The SSL/TLS internet crypto protocols were introduced largely to assure consumers that they credit card numbers are safe. Quantum computers are not really a threat to that, as there are much easier ways to steal credit card numbers.

My guess is that SSL/TLS will still be safe 50 years from now.


  1. "This ship is unsinkable..."
    -quotation from stupid people who should know better

    I'd like to remind all the gullible folk in the world that Chinese computer science students have a long and illustrious history of proving how conventional computers have been able to do all sorts of interesting things with the right programming, like being able to do computations the quantum computer ilk claimed impossible without one of their ridiculous (and for all intents and purposes mostly useless) quantum computers.

    In the realm of security, there are all sorts of impressive fortresses that have ten foot thick titanium alloy doors...and a plastic tarp hanging over the unguarded back entrance. Please read up on the Maginot Line, and how an angry man with a silly push-broom mustache and perchant for calling bluffs defeated it's impregnable's a good laugh.

  2. If you want to prove an expert wrong, just wait ten minutes.
    -Said Moi