About Dark Buzz

You may have heard about Dark Matter. The known universe is made up of quarks, leptons, and bosons, but it is believed that other mysterious particles constitute a dark matter that is a much greater portion of the masses of the galaxies. The dark matter is in addition to the black holes that result when a large star collapses into a spacetime singularity, and the giant black holes that gobble up stars at galaxy centers. There is also Dark Energy, the unknown force that permeates the entire universe and is accelerating its expansion. There may also be Dark fluid and Dark flow.

Dark also means hidden, obscure, or unknown, besides meaning a lack of visible light.
We have phrases like the Dark Ages, which means a period in the Middle Ages where we have lousy historical records compared to early Roman times and later times. We also have Dark Continent, to mean lesser known parts of Africa, and dark side of the Moon, to mean the side cut off from Earth view and communications.

This blog is about Dark Buzz, and I write about science subjects. I am a logical positivist. I accept what has been mathematically or scientifically proved, and tend to be skeptical about what cannot be proved.

My slogan Natura non facit saltus is Latin for "nature does not make jumps". It is an ancient principle of natural philosophy, going back to Aristotle's time. Today many implicitly deny the principle and emphasize quantum leaps, nonlocality, and paradigm shifts. This blog emphasizes continuity, and points out the errors of discontinuous beliefs.