Sunday, June 14, 2020

More academic bloggers go nuts

Dr. Bee writes:
We should keep in mind that quite plausibly the reason we have not yet found evidence for extraterrestrial intelligent life is that we have not developed the right technology to pick up their communication. In particular, if there is any way to send information faster than the speed of light, then that’s what all the aliens are using.
I once heard a physicist argue that an advanced space alien civilization would use neutrinos to communicate, but this is even wackier.

Dr. Quantum Computing rants:
When the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, it suddenly became reasonable to take the side of the bloodthirsty Stalin. And it would’ve been praiseworthy for a Russian to say: “I now pledge my life to fighting for the Soviet government — even if, likely as not, that government will thank me afterward by sending me to the gulag for an invented crime.”

Five years ago, thousands of woke activists shamed me for writing about my teenage experiences on this blog, a few even calling for an end to my career. Especially if those activists emerge victorious from a turbulent 2020 — as I hope they will — I expect that they’ll come for me again. (Well, if they get around to it. I’m nowhere near the top of their list.)

And yet, if Lawrence Douglas’s scenario comes to pass — if, for example, the 2020 election leaves Trump barricaded in the White House with his loyalists, while a duly elected government waits in limbo — then I pledge to render whatever assistance I can, and even risk my life if needed, for the same side that the woke activists will be on.
It is hard to imagine anyone but a nerdy Jewish academic saying anything so ridiculous.

I have often wondered how professors could be Marxists, since they would not be safe if the Marxists got power.

Donald Trump, more than any other politician, stands against those activists who sought to destroy Scott. And yet Scott does not see that. Somehow Jewish Leftism is baked into his DNA, and he will side with his persecutors.

Update: It is bizarre to complain that Pres. Trump might not accept the fairness of the 2020 election. The Democrat Party has spent almost 4 years complaining about the fairness of the 2016 election. They keep complaining about crazy Russian conspiracy theories, they used bogus warrants to spy on his campaign, they pushed the $50M Muller investigation that found nothing, and they tried for a ridiculously partisan impeachment with secret hearings and no direct evidence.

It appears that ever professor I have quoted has some irrational hatred of Pres. Trump. Obviously their hatreds run much deeper than just one man. They are like Stalinists on a mission to destroy all that is good. Just read what they say, and see if you can find any other explanation.


  1. Roger,
    You should research Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Initially I thought it was just a conservative joke or meme, but It is not just a silly label or anacronym, there is actually something to it psychologically since people who are normally far more level headed seem to succumb to it with utter abandon, almost a rabid willingness. When a person's hatred of something utterly overwhelms their capacity for rational consideration, they are deranged, and you can't talk to them about anything that triggers their derangement without almost literally seeing them lose their minds to anger.

    I had always wondered what the hell happened to the German population before the rise of Hitler that could allow them to act so insanely in such large numbers, even after knowing the preceding history, of WWI and the following chaos that lead up to it. Germany had such a strange profile for such utter loonyness, as they were the most highly educated and technologically advanced country in the world at the time. I suspect they thought their prowess with science would shield them from such nihilism and insanity. Highly educated people across the world on the political left to this day seem to be unable to stop themselves from praising and supporting various socialist/communist dictators and vast social engineering projects no matter the death toll of such experimentation (which is well past 150 million and counting). After hearing Bernie Sander's 'college educated' campaign workers extolling the virtues of putting people they disagree with politically in concentration camps, I realized I was seeing history repeating itself firsthand.

  2. Yes, TDS is real. It causes lots of otherwise-intelligent people to babble nonsense.

  3. As for Dr. Bee and her concerns about extraterrestrial life, why on earth does she think this is a good idea to go looking for ETs? Presently there are many fine 'edumakated' people running around saying that those who don't agree with them should be put in special camps where they can be taught the error of their politics or skin color (I'm looking at you @PalmerReport). If fine upstanding people think it suitable to utterly repress fellow humans they disagree with because 'racism', how on earth do they think they can conduct an intelligent conversation with an intelligence who has nothing in common with their beliefs without it ending in a smoking crater?

    If you can't even talk to a human you disagree with without losing your minds and embracing concentration camp ideology (i.e. those afflicted with TDS), please don't go looking for something inhuman to piss off. It will end badly.

  4. >> It is hard to imagine anyone but a nerdy Jewish academic saying anything so ridiculous.

    You mean, like ... John Bolton? 😅