Wednesday, June 10, 2020

ArXiv is on strike

The site with all the Math and Physics preprints announces:
arXiv staff is pausing business-as-usual to join scientists participating in the #strike4blacklives and #shutdownSTEM.
So the BLM movement wants to defund the police, and now to shut down STEM and academia. I tried following the links, but I could not find any example of any Black physicist who had been mistreated.

Some say that George Floyd was mistreated, but they haven't heard both sides of the story. You might change your mind when you hear the evidence to be produced at trial.

This is madness. Stay in your lane.

Update: This is wider than I realized. Nature journal announces:
Thousands of academics and some major scientific organizations worldwide will stop work on 10 June as part of a global stand against anti-Black racism in science.

More than 5,000 scientists, as well as societies, universities and publishers, will join a call to “Strike for Black Lives”, halting their usual work activities to learn about systemic racism in the research community and to craft ways to address inequalities. The event is being planned by two ad hoc groups of scientists using hashtags such as #Strike4BlackLives, #ShutDownSTEM and #ShutDownAcademia. Nature has pledged to join the strike. ...

Although the movement began in the United States, it quickly spread around the globe. Particles for Justice has garnered pledges from people striking on every inhabited continent. ...

The American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington DC said that it and its main journal, Science, would be “observing #ShutdownStem, listening to members of our community who are sharing resources and discussing ways to eliminate racism and make STEM more inclusive of Black people”. It invited its 120,000 members to join the effort.

Also joining the strike are the American Physical Society (APS) in College Park, Maryland, which has more than 55,000 members, and the UK Institute of Physics in London.
This is the biggest politicization of science I have seen. This is just left-wing opportunism, and has little to do with Black lives.


  1. This is America. Here in this land, we get to choose who and what we stand with. This is not negotiable.

    I choose not to stand with academically sanctioned/media approved neo-brownshirts and opportunistic thugs who use the wrongful death of one man to justify violent harm to so many others while making the ludicrous claim they are against 'hatred', and chant that 'Black Lives Matter (TM)', while they burn down those very same lives in black neighborhoods, after looting the mostly black businesses that resided there, and after killing off truly good men truly worthy of praise, like David Dorn, who was murdered by looters as he tried to protect a business in his neighborhood from harm.

    I will not be pressured to 'stand with', bow, grovel, or 'bend a knee' to anyone or any organization that believes their skin color, my skin color, looting, arson, assault, and murder are acceptable political means to their incredibly nebulous ends...usually with dollar signs attached at the very end somewhere.

    People with more than one neuron in their head can also choose to wrap their heads around the concept that more than one thing can be wrong at the same time, it isn't a 'one must be good and the other bad' false dichotomy which is presently being presented in the mainstream media to excuse anything and everything except what they don't personally like. Destroying private property, murder, arson, assault, theft, ARE NOT FORMS OF PERSONAL EXPRESSION or 'peacefully demonstrating', or political statements. They are violent evil acts that destroy human lives.

  2. Roger,
    Just to add to your comments about STEM in academia going looney, a few years ago I was taking a programming course at a local community college. Our instructor mentioned that there was going to be a STEM fair, and that we should consider entering the fair or helping set up the fair. I decided I wouldn't mind volunteering some time as we would get to bump up one of our test scores by half a grade for participating. I went up to my instructor and said I wanted to participate. She informed me that I already had a good grade in her course and didn't need to. I persisted I still wanted to participate, and she told me 'Well, umm, we really want to encourage 'less advantaged' students to enter, and...'
    I informed her a 'white guy' participating in a STEM fair didn't discourage anyone else from going, and that she was already encouraging a 'white girl' to participate ...and that white girls were hardly a minority, nor were they 'disadvantaged' and they were actually a considerable majority on campus. My instructor gave me three more very feeble excuses why I shouldn't go.

    I calmly told her that I had no problem with her personal bigotry as long as it had no effect on my grade, as it was her choice to feel any way she chose and I had no power to change that, but the moment there was some impact on my grade that wasn't just her 'opinion' anymore. I said that if she didn't give me an actual reason I wasn't allowed to go and get the same opportunity as everyone else in class to improve my grade, I would gladly have two following discussions. One with the Dean, the next with my lawyer.

    She suddenly had a change of heart. So I went to the STEM fair after all, and quickly noticed that aside from the instructors and judges, there were almost no white males at the event...and they were really playing it up about how inclusive the college was to the press attending. It was just incredibly sad to see that woke politics had so utterly overwhelmed any pretense of academic standards or ethical objectivity in the name of false god of 'inclusivity'.