Friday, March 8, 2019

Physicist fired for expressing valid opinion

Lubos Motl writes:
After five months of "investigations" that weren't investigating anything, the vicious, dishonest, and ideologically contaminated individuals who took over CERN have said "good-bye" to Alessandro Strumia, a top particle phenomenologist with 38k citations according to Google Scholar and 32k according to Inspire.
This firing was political, obviously. You can compare male and female employment, but your conclusion must favor females, or else you will be censored, fired, and ostracized.

I don't think that the Physics community has thought this thru. Everyone now knows that women are promoted over more competent men, and the system is maintained by firing anyone who points out the facts.

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  1. Dear Roger, and readers,

    I would be very wary of granting CERN as much authority as they obviously seek, always. Their productive achievements are disproportionately low, and their angry ever-lasting revenge-intellect, ever so on high steroids. Not good for science.

    And that's regardless of the good people on its staff (some, not all).