Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dark matter is more than black holes

I mentioned the possibility that dark matter could be black holes, but Ethan Siegel says that it is impossible.


  1. I like this comment: "In physics, as in life, the smart money is to bet on what’s already known as the most likely explanation for the novel phenomenon we just saw. While the more fanciful possibilities might spark our imagination, they’re also most likely wrong. Now you know why."

    However, the article is basically useless to Forbes readers and is the reason these types of people should be fired from their jobs. It's already a useless subject.

    The best argument I see against MOND involves the bullet cluster and I can see some of the limits put black hole explanations. My issue is that dark matter and dark energy are being discussed too seperately. The Chaplygin gas model explains dark matter and dark energy as a single fluid. There is a coincidence of energy densities that might suggest something like a model with coupled scalar fields. There is probably something more fundamental we are missing. These physics MACHOS end up with really WIMPy explanations.

  2. Theoretical black holes are 'impossible' as the source of theoretical dark matter/energy...well shucks, in imagination land I'm sure almost anything is possible.

    Ethan also likes to dress cosplay like videogame clowns in tights, get photographed in said outfits with ...somewhat bizarre expressions on his face (see for yourself), and gets somewhat huffy and is confounded when some don't take him seriously as a scientist...go figure. I am somewhat biased obviously, I'm sure Clown suits actually do wonders for one's professional reputation and for being taken seriously, after all, and if I could actually see them, I'm also sure the Emperor's new clothes would also look awesome!