Monday, May 4, 2015

IBM claims quantum computing progress

ExtremeTech reports:
For all of this to happen, though, someone has to build a working quantum computer. And that hasn’t happened yet, arguably aside from that giant (and controversial) D-Wave machine. We’re a big step closer now, though. IBM researchers, for the first time, have figured out how to detect and measure both bit-flip and phase-flip quantum errors simultaneously. They also outlined a new, square quantum bit circuit design that could scale to much larger dimensions.
“Quantum computing could be potentially transformative, enabling us to solve problems that are impossible or impractical to solve today,” said Arvind Krishna, senior vice president and director of IBM Research, in astatement.
IBM, Microsoft, and Google are betting heaving on quantum computing research. I do not know how so many smart people could be so wrong.

I remember when the experts were unanimous that the Intel Itanium was going to take over the server CPU market. It was so technologically superior, that no one was going to be able to seriously compete. I must have read dozens of articles about it, and no one expressed any skepticism.

The chip was a big failure, and is now dead.

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