Thursday, July 4, 2024

Google Quantum Supremacy is Smashed

NewScientist reports:
Google's claim of quantum supremacy has been completely smashed

Google's Sycamore quantum computer was the first to demonstrate quantum supremacy – solving calculations that would be unfeasible on a classical computer – but now ordinary machines have pulled ahead again

In 2019, Google claimed that its Sycamore quantum computer could perform calculations that would take even the world’s most powerful classical supercomputer 10,000 years to complete – but now it seems that a non-quantum computer crunches the numbers several times faster than Google’s machine, and uses less energy doing so.

Quantum computers have the potential to carry out some kinds of calculations vastly more quickly than classical computers, but are still in their infancy. Google announced in 2019 that Sycamore had achieved “quantum supremacy” – the point at which a quantum computer can…

The rest is paywalled, and I haven't read it, but I don't think I need to. Others have said the Google claim was refuted.

I was skeptical in 2019 for the simple reason that Google did not do something that known to be computationally difficult.. It merely generated some random numbers and then claimed that it would be hard for a classical computer to simulate it.

Then some Chinese researchers showed that it was not so hard to simulate it. Meanwhile the Google team moved on to other problems, rather than defend the integrity of their biggest accomplishment.

Without quantum supremacy, the whole field of quantum computing is a sham. No good can come of it.


  1. But this misses the point. QFT is infinite dimensional. A QC should be able to do things way faster than a classical computer. The only problem is that it will only produce chaotic evolution and noise. Such a definition of supremacy is meaningless, even if you had it.

  2. I have a much better idea. Promote humans thinking intelligently instead of trying to create intelligent god computers with crystal ball abilities to solve all our problems. No species ever succeeded by causing it's own extinction.

    We have enough problems with super powers on this planet without creating another.