Monday, October 30, 2023

The decolonisation of mathematics

John Armstrong and India Jackman write:
We describe a mainstream "universalist" approach to the understanding of mathematics. We then conduct a systematic (but not exhaustive) review of the academic literature on the decolonisation of mathematics and identify how this challenges the universalist view. We examine evidence of whether the experience of mathematics in the UK is systemically racist, examining both the decolonial arguments and the empirical evidence.
The paper makes good arguments that mathematics is universal, that attempts to decolonize math have been big failures, and that math culture is not racially discriminatory.

There are some examples of Western books being more likely to credit Western sources, but that is to be expected.

All this may seem obvious, but it is good to see a paper defend Mathematics against the increasing attacks from leftist decolonizers.

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  1. The kids can't add, subtract, or multiply. They have no idea how to balance a checkbook or craft a working budget (but then again, congress can't do this either). They can't calculate an average or a percentage. They do not know the difference between actual scientific evidence, and a modeled computer simulation.

    No, I don't think anyone should be talking about 'decolonizing' anything anywhere near a math class, they already have enough problems that aren't being even remotely being addressed or solved.

    The political left seems to always revolve around a endless two-step process:

    First: Create a problem, or hype up a non-problem until it eclipses all logical process or intelligent consideration.

    Second: Pretend to address said problem with self righteous pablum, but always resulting in doing nothing while destroying general prosperity.

    Third: There is no third, and never will be, as no resolution is ever obtained from said fake solutions to the fake problems. The continuous chaos and conflict is the goal, not its resolution.

    Much like the pharmaceutical industry, the far left has no intent to cure or fix anything, just endlessly treat superficial symptoms at the greatest possible expense, and enrich themselves.

    Western Civilization has become a con job.