Thursday, May 5, 2022

Multiverse in the Movies

I usually like science fiction, but it seems that the movies take the most ridiculous science ideas. A few years ago, everyone was doing time travel. Now they are all doing the multiverse. Here are some current movies.

Everything Everywhere All at Once

The plot follows a Chinese-American woman (Yeoh) being audited by the Internal Revenue Service who discovers that she must connect with parallel universe versions of herself to prevent a powerful being from causing the destruction of them all.
Spider-Man: No Way Home
When the spell goes wrong, the multiverse is broken open which allows visitors from alternate realities to enter Parker's universe.
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
In the film, Strange and his allies travel into the multiverse to protect a young girl from Wanda Maximoff, who will stop at nothing to take back her own sons at all costs.
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  1. The most appropriate response to the 'Multiverse' is the cartoon called 'Rick and Morty'. This incredibly dark cartoon show pulls no punches about what the multiverse lunacy really implies. Kill someone in your own family? No problem, there is always another duplicate in another universe so close to your own kin you can't tell the difference, so don't even worry about it. Destroy your own species ...again? No problem, just keep dialing up parallel universes until you find the one close enough to get you by, until you destroy it too. Want to steal someone else's idea and get rich? A quick jaunt to the universe next door to pillage is par for the course.

    The main character Rick is a scientist who believes all of existence is infinitely absurd, so anything he does is perfectly fine in comparison, no matter how vile, cruel, grotesque, or violent... or just plain evil. He only believes in his own immediate self gratification, which is really what the multiverse is about - it's just a thinly draped plot device of endless wish fulfillment with a license to treat people like garbage. Rick the scientist can always just switch dimensional channels if he wants to get out of his own self inflicted disasters, then lecture people about how shallow, and meaningless their lives are since he is sooo much smarter than them.

    The show might as well be an unapologetic love letter to scientific hubris and drug/alcohol fueled nihilism/narcissism.

  2. Dear Roger,

    Check out Vlatko Vadral's "blog" post (he is a prof at Oxford and NUS), ,

    especially, starting from the "Waves in a pond" bit, and onward through the next three paragraphs.

    Now, if you happen to wonder how he happens to connect with the MWI (and, helpfully supplies the URLs not only to the Wiki on Dirac when he mentions the c- vs. q-numbers, but also to another Wiki on MWI, etc.), well, come right in, join the club!

    Conclusion: The Oxford of the Oxbridge is now gone too.


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