Tuesday, May 11, 2021

President Joe Biden is Politicizing Science

Lawrence Krauss has a WSJ article attacking Pres. Biden for politicizing science.
The New Scientific Method: Identity Politics
The National Academy of Sciences fights bias by explicitly introducing more of it.
Lubos Motl praises the article.

In particular there is now an aggressive affirmative action program at the National Academy of Sciences, where less competent women and Blacks are being appointed in order to meet diversity quotas.

Biden's White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator is a Democrat political hack named Jeffrey Zients. Donald Trump had an immunology expert in that job.

The authorities are still not telling us the truth about the virus. See this article by a NY Times science reporter on evidence it came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Update: From a CDC official in a press conference, as reported in the NY Times:

DR. WALENSKY: … There’s increasing data that suggests that most of transmission is happening indoors rather than outdoors; less than 10 percent of documented transmission, in many studies, have occurred outdoors.
The paper goes on to explain that the true number is more like 0.1%. Yes, that is less than 10%, but appears to be a distortion attempting to justify outside mask requirements.

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  1. Dr. Fauci is up to his eyeballs in conflicts of interest, and outright ridiculous medical advice concerning surgical masks that has flip-flopped back and forth several times. He himself has admitted to giving false medical advice for various reasons, none of them medically ethical.

    Since when has wearing a surgical mask prevented an airborne virus? It's statistically about as effective at stopping airborne viruses as wearing a pasta colander over your face, since effectively, to an airborne virus they are equally permeable...and neither can protect your exposed eyes which are quite capable of contracting viruses, which the CDC knows, which is why they have never considered them to be an effective practice at preventing airborne viral infections such as SARS...until they suddenly forgot during the pandemic hysteria...for some reason. It doesn't take a genius with a medical degree to know the reason so many people don't like wearing surgical masks and glasses is because when you wear the damn mask, you breath around it more than through it most of the time, causing your lenses to fog up as moist air is merely deflected around most of the mask's edges. In addition, if you are in any building with forced air handling (like any modern building or home), you are breathing what everyone else has been breathing very evenly mixed and recirculated...along with any potential airborne viruses. Wearing a surgical mask over your face also becomes an outright health hazard unless you replace them quite frequently (as medical professionals are supposed to do), as they make excellent petri dishes for growing bacteria...which you are then trying to breath through.

    Why was Fauci even allowed to present himself as an impartial 'expert' on the 'mysterious' origin of Covid19 when he himself was involved in getting the rules changed on governement funding of very dangerous 'gain of function' experiments within the US and was financially involved with as well as obtaining government funding for those doing such experiments at the Wuhan Institute of Virology? He had a dog in the hunt both ethically and monitarily, and he has used his position to obscure his own involvement as well as cast doubt on any who professionally disagreed with his claims concerning the origins of the disease.

    Science is now becoming pretty much indiscernible from left leaning policies and politics, and as such the truth is far less important than a narrative designed to control people, not inform them.

    If your doctor or health practitioner EVER treats any of your questions or concerns about Covid19 with disdain, smugness, or contempt, please consider informing them you need to see someone else, preferably someone who can keep their personal politics out of their professional practices.