Monday, September 14, 2020

Nature mag pushes sex propaganda

Nature magazine is the leading non-American science journal, and it often has articles reporting on some difference between men and women. Apparently this is problematic for today's Left. So now these articles insert this disclaimer:
(Nature recognizes that sex and gender are not the same, and are neither fixed nor binary.)
This is just nonsense, as many of those articles use the words sex and gender interchangeably. And sex certainly is binary.

For example, one article is on The gender gap in cystic fibrosis. If sex and gender are not the same, then it should be titled "the sex gap in cystic fibrosis". And the article is filled with statements treating sex as binary, and none about anyone ever changing sex.

A medical journal has published a proposal for converting our medical schools to anti-White propaganda machines. One of the three authors looks as if she could be White, but she is actually the Jewish daughter of a Yale law professor. They have a 7-point plan to insure that all medical students will be committed to leftist anti-White causes. The only alternative they mention is to try to re-education on race an colonialism.

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  1. Leftest wish-fullfillment/ideology does not inform biological reality. Mis-identifying your own personal biology does not allow you to magically transform into something you verifiably aren't because you wish it so. If you want to understand the extent of the insanity that now pervades what is even considered sex or 'gender', merely google 'dragonkin' or 'otherkin'. I kid you not, these are considered completely valid gender identities in certain left leaning circles, and you would be considered a 'racist' or 'bigoted' if you didn't respect their right to demand you acknowledge them as literally inhuman. I would seriously wonder how long it will be until severe schizophrenia is considered an acceptable 'lifestyle' choice by the medical community.

    Let me provide my simple litmus test for 'You've gone Cuckoo':

    1. You LIKE butterflies... Ok, that's fine.

    2. You LOVE butterflies... Um, alright, borderline weird OCD but still borderline Ok.

    3. You ARE a butterfly... NO. Just NO. You're nuts. This is not negotiable, it's not about your 'feelings', this is not OK, do not pass go, stop smoking/snorting/injecting whatever you are smoking/snorting/injecting, seek medical attention or counseling immediately... or just wait until you sober up.

    You can imagine or 'self identify' yourself as an Apache attack helicopter all you like, it isn't a valid lifestyle/gender/identity, it's just good old-fashioned delusion.