Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Perfect qubits would be amazing

The NY Times finally has an article on Google's quantum supremacy claim:
“Imagine you had 100 perfect qubits,” said Dario Gil, the head of IBM’s research lab in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., in a recent interview. “You would need to devote every atom of planet Earth to store bits to describe that state of that quantum computer. By the time you had 280 perfect qubits, you would need every atom in the universe to store all the zeros and ones.” ...

In contrast, many hundreds of qubits or more may be required to store just one of the huge numbers used in current cryptographic codes. And each of those qubits will need to be protected by many hundreds more, to protect against errors introduced by outside noise and interference.
Got that? 100 perfect qubit would give you more storage capacity than all the atoms on Earth.

But to store just one of the numbers used in crypto codes, you would need many 100s of qubits, as well as technological breakthrus to protect against errors.

The catch here is the modifier "perfect". Nobody has made any perfect qubits, or any scalable qubits, or any qubits protected against errors from outside noise and interference.

All this talk of 53 qubits is a big scam. They don't even have 2 qubits.

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