Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Scientists censoring non-leftist views

Scott Aaronson is considering joining a group supporting a diversity of views in academia, but backed out because he believes that if someone like Donald Trump were elected, "I’d hope that American academia would speak with one voice".

Okay, he obvious does not favor a diversity of views, and does not even want representation of the electoral majority that voted for Trump.

SciAm blogger John Horgan writes:
In principle, evolutionary psychology, which seeks to understand our behavior in light of the fact that we are products of natural selection, can give us deep insights into ourselves. In practice, the field often reinforces insidious prejudices. That was the theme of my recent column “Darwin Was Sexist, and So Are Many Modern Scientists.”

The column provoked such intense pushback that I decided to write this follow-up post. ...

Political scientist Charles Murray complained that Scientific American “has been adamantly PC since before PC was a thing,” which as someone who began writing for the magazine in 1986 I take as a compliment. ...

War seems to have emerged not millions of years ago but about 12,000 years ago when our ancestors started abandoning their nomadic ways and settling down. ... War and patriarchy, in other words, are relatively recent cultural developments. ...

Proponents of biological theories of sexual inequality accuse their critics of being “blank slaters,” who deny any innate psychological tendencies between the sexes. This is a straw man. I am not a blank-slater, nor do I know any critic of evolutionary psychology who is. But I fear that biological theorizing about these tendencies, in our still-sexist world, does more harm than good. It empowers the social injustice warriors, and that is the last thing our world needs.
Our world will always be sexist. It is human nature. Only in academia can you find ppl striving for a non-sexist world.

It is odd to hear a science magazine writer complain that "biological theorizing ... does more harm than good." When we only allow certain theorizing that supports certain political views, then we get bogus theories. In this case, he only wants anti-sexism and anti-patriarchy theories.

It is amusing to read Scott's comments, where he agrees with the academic leftists 98%. But Ken Miller jumps on his for disagreeing with white genocide. That is, Scott says that a leftist professor deserves to be criticized if he advocates white genocide.

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