Monday, October 23, 2017

Libtards are brainwashed about Einstein's genius

A site complains about miseducated libtards:
The ego-gratification associated with the regurgitation & praise model is reinforced throughout Middle and High School. It is during this time that the, ‘gifted & talented’ students are separated out from their ‘inferiors’ and taught to repeat such rubbish as:

America’s Constitution is outdated.
Karl Marx was a great philosopher.
The Civil War was about slavery.
FDR’s New Deal saved America.
Germany started 2 World Wars.
6 Million Jews were gassed in ‘The Holocaust’.
Picasso was the greatest artist.
Einstein was the smartest man who ever walked the face of the Earth.
Senator Joe McCarthy was evil.
Martin Luther King was a Saint.
Capitalism is about greed.
Socialism is about charity.
Men and women are the same.
There is no such thing as race.
Man ‘evolved’ from pond scum.
Global Warming is a proven fact.
There are no government conspiracies.
Homosexuality is normal.
Guns and religion are evil.

Note: Many 'conservatives' also hold some of these views. We'll address them in another article.
Most of these are off-topic for this blog, but I agree that kids are brainwashed to believe that Einstein was the world's greatest genius.

Einstein's greatest paper is supposed to be his 1905 special relativity paper, but it was not even the best special relativity paper in 1905.


  1. Any parent that sends their child to a public school needs to pay extra careful attention to what is going on and what is being taught. Trusting people you don't know anything about to educate your child is folly.

  2. I was taught through my Jewish Yeshiva education that Aristotle was the smartest man to walk on the face of the earth. See

  3. What's your position on the holocaust? Have your read Butz's book on it?

  4. No, I have not read Butz's book, and I doubt that I have the expertise to judge it even if I did.

    I mainly know what they say on the History channel. If you want to get into detailed historical matters, there are laws restricting what can be said in many places, so I don't even know where you can get a balanced view.

  5. The Holocaust happened. My wife's grandmother survived Auschwitz. Certainly not all Jews were gassed, as the site says.

    There should not be any laws restricting what can be said about this anywhere. Let people check the evidence and decide for themselves.

    The Holocaust was not a unique event in history. Genocide has happened in other places in the world and people questioning it is not unique either. For instance, look at the Turkish genocide of 1.5 million Armenians. Turkey still does not admit it. It's easy to say that murders didn't happen when the murdered is not around to argue with you.

  6. Some countries have laws against saying anything that diminishes the Holocaust, or that has the potential to upset some group of people. So it could be illegal to say that the Holocaust was not a unique event in history. So I will let others deal with the subject. Other subjects interest me more.

  7. It's only in Europe where there are laws regarding the Holocaust. In most of the world, including the US, there aren't any laws regarding speech about the Holocaust.

    Butz is a tenured professor of electrical engineering at Northwestern. He still teaches there.

  8. That's right, we still have free speech in the USA. I can also legally put offensive words in my blog. But doing so risks getting the blog blocked in various places.