Friday, April 21, 2017

Avoid the March for Science

From Saturday's March for Science web site:
Q: How is the march integrating inclusion, diversity, equity, and access?

A: Inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility are integral to our mission and to our overall goals and principles. We cannot ignore issues of racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, xenophobia, or any other form of discrimination in the discussion and implementation of science. Nor can we ignore the ways in which science has been misused to harm marginalized communities. The lack of inclusivity and diversity in STEM thwarts scientific advancements not only by limiting who conducts the research, but also by influencing what topics are studied, who participates in the research, and who will benefit from or be harmed by it. We are actively working with partner organizations and experts on these issues and march organizers come from and stand in solidarity with historically underrepresented scientists, science advocates, and communities impacted by attacks on science.
This is a leftist political action.

Some scientists have the attitude of just seeking truth, and leaving the social consequences to policymakers. Not these leftist organizers. Their idea of science is promoting what they see as the common good, and they have a leftist view of what that is.

Jerry Coyne is a leftist scientist who is disgusted by the regressive left. He says he is not participating in the March for Science, and badmouthing it on NPR Radio Science Friday.


  1. A continuation of the long march through university humanities departments. Goal: complete takeover, politicization and ultimate corruption. Because everything is political.

    1. Who cares about universities? They're not even worth paying attention to. Another one of their math-illiterate studies just implicated artificial sweeteners in dementia. Unless you control for the health of people! Apparently, sucralose (C12H19Cl3O8) and aspartame (C14H18N2O5) do the exact same thing. Don't ask these people about PGMs or Structural Equation Modeling because all they know is a p-value. STEM is such a joke, the math people can't even use autoencoders (non-linearity) to reduce dimensions but use outdated methods like PCA and SVD. The "machine learning" community goes right past obsession with primes and outdated equations. Ignorance like this is rampant.

      Don't even get me started with physics and math subjects. Stupidest people I've ever met. All the people who are said to be so smart (like math people) are living 300 in the past. Very outdated fields with few promising results. Mathematics is automation today. From fluid flow to optimization, it's all an old story by now. Meanwhile, the biologists can't reduce cancer mortality or cure the common cold. Oversold.

      Kids can outthink academia. It never invents anything, so it doesn't even matter if it becomes political and idiotic. It never had much of a role in society to begin with. Studies from Harvard, Oxford & Stanford show that universities don't enhance growth in the OECD and worldwide (causation isn't correlation again!). It's a media myth that it ever had. Too many student loans. US universities are about 3% of overall R&D. The history of invention is a comedy when you see how few academics show up (practically none for most pivotal inventions).

      STEM hasn't had a major success since the bicentennial. They've been riding the bomb and moon for too long.

    2. This video demolishes the scientist's entire superiority complex: The Future

      Back to the Future even nailed the Cubs. I won't mention the pines, WTC, Obama, Trump, etc... The arts world thinks you people are autistics that can't sense the supernatural. They all know.

  2. There is an easy fix. "The march for 'political' science and identity politics". There, now the label matches the contents of the box. Still not sure what it has to do with earth day though...