Friday, December 11, 2015

German meeting on unscientific physics

Germany just held a conference uniting philosophers with non-empirical physicists. This was partially in response to a Nature article defending the integrity of physics against such nonsense.

Peter Woit discusses it, drawing these comments:
“Joe Polchinski lays out the case for string theory, and how unexpectedly successful it’s been.”

“The public is confused because there are a host of ppl who write blogs or books who attack string theory”

Gross said he wasn’t referring to you [Peter Woit]. Heaven knows who he was referring to then…
I don't think he was referring to me either. Woit is the most prominent critic of string theory.

The big non-empirical physics is: string theory, multiverse, and quantum gravity.

The philosophers are probably excited that some prominent theoretical physicists are willing to talk to them. But the philosophers are only the anti-science philosophers who deny the scientific method anyway.

Theoretical physicists must be the only scientists who complain about criticism from bloggers, or who go running to philosophers for validation.

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