Thursday, October 31, 2013

Einstein book update

If you bought my book, How Einstein Ruined Physics, then check out this blog for updated info. In particular, there has been some new scholarly work on Einstein, and nearly all of it supports the thesis of the book. See: I also elaborate on some technical points about relativity from the book: In short, the scholarship points to Lorentz and Poincare discovering relativity, not Einstein.


  1. HI. I'm reading your book now. I wonder who has published any criticism of it. I find it very excellent, and I suppose it is truer than the accepted history. I am very skeptical of relativity itself and not so concerned about the historical account as about steel manning the science to criticize it. Your book is really helpful.

  2. Have you read the article by Peter Hayes on relativity functioning as an ideology? This would go a long way towards explaining the lack of a response to your book by critics. "The Ideology of Relativity: The Case of the Clock Paradox." Ideologies will tend to defend themselves by censorious tactics.