Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Essay on quantum information

The 2013 FQXi FORUM: FQXi Essay Contest - It from Bit or Bit from It? asks:
The past century in fundamental physics has shown a steady progression away from thinking about physics, at its deepest level, as a description of material objects and their interactions, and towards physics as a description of the evolution of information about and in the physical world. Moreover, recent years have shown an explosion of interest at the nexus of physics and information, driven by the "information age" in which we live, and more importantly by developments in quantum information theory and computer science.

We must ask the question, though, is information truly fundamental or not? Can we realize John Wheeler’s dream, or is it unattainable? We ask: ”It From Bit or Bit From It?”
I submitted my essay, and there is discussion on the FQXi site.

I submitted an essay to last year's contest, and got a lot of favorable comments, but the judges picked other essays. I would think that if they thought that I said something wrong, then they would say so in the comments. I think that they have reasons other than the essay quality.

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