Monday, February 13, 2012

Quantum mysteries disentangled

I just stumbled across a video on The Quantum Conspiracy: What Popularizers of QM Don't Want you to know. It was a Google Tech Talk January 6, 2011 Presented by Ron Garret. His paper is Quantum Mysteries Disentangled.

It is an explanation of some of the mysteries of quantum mechanics, by a non-physicist. He has a slightly unconventional view that I did not find totally persuasive. But I do agree with him that physicists present the subject as more mysterious than it really is, as if there is a conspiracy to confuse you.

A reader sends the 1997 paper, Quantum Mechanics of Measurement, N. J. Cerf, C. Adami, for more details on Garret's view.

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  1. I'm interested in knowing what you didn't find convincing, because I lean towards, if not exactly Garret's explanation, the same QIT ballpark.