Saturday, September 3, 2011

Einstein was a Zionist

A Palestinian Arab blog ccclaims:
Albert Einstein, the physics guru of all times, was also an active Jewish personality. However, unlike most 20 Century Jews, Einstein was a loud critic of the Zionist movement. He even proposed creating a Jewish state in Peru (of course today he would've been called a "Self-Hating Jew). I've put together 4 original documents that show us the standpoint of one of humanity's most notable scientists on one of humanity's most unjust conflicts.
The letters show that Einstein advocated peaceful co-existence with Arabs. But he was still a Zionist, as Wikipedia explains. A Zionist site explains:
Asking if Albert Einstein was a Zionist is about like asking if St. Francis Xavier was a Catholic. ... Einstein gave the rights to his name and most of his private papers to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem of which he was a founder and member of the board of trustees. Other papers went to the Weizmann Institute of Science. He spoke and worked for Zionism for much of his life, beginning in the 1920s. He raised money for Zionism. He congratulated President Truman on the founding of the Jewish State. If everyone was an "anti-Zionist" like Albert Einstein, we would hardly need any Zionists. ...

When President Harry Truman recognized Israel in May 1948, Einstein declared it “the fulfillment of our dreams.” Perceiving its vulnerability after independence, he again set aside his pacifism in the name of human preservation. “No one respects or bothers about those who do not fight for their rights,” a changed Einstein wrote to his cousin in Uruguay. As planned, the cousin auctioned off Einstein’s letter, raising $5,000 to buy arms for the Haganah.
Einstein's Zionism was not just a private political opinion. His first trip to the United States in 1921 was not for scientific purposes or vacation, but for Zionist fund-raising in New York. Here is the 1921 NY Times article. The 1955 obituary said, "His love for the oppressed also led him to become a strong supporter of Zionism."

Christopher Jon Bjerknes wrote a book on Einstein and has a Jewish Racism blog. He has many offensive opinions there about Jews, and has very harsh criticisms of Einstein. You can download his book. If you can get past his opinions, he carefully documents what he says, and as far as I know, his quotes and references are all authentic. He documents Einstein's Zionism.

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