Monday, April 18, 2016

PR problem: writing on the evils of Darwinism

Pseudoscience philosophy professor Massimo Pigliucci writes:
What can be done in order to help philosophy out with its PR problem, other than attempting to educate some prominent physicists and perhaps gently nudge toward retirement those senior philosophers who suddenly begin to write about the evils of “Darwinism”?
It is funny how these leftist-atheist-evolutionists think. Philosophers can say that the world is not real, or that there is no free will, or that there are zillions of unobservable parallel universes, or that there is no causality in fundamental science, and he says that is all just good modern enlightened thinking. But if anyone questions any aspect of Darwinism, then he should be purged from the society of respectable philosophers.

Pigliucci admits that philosophers get no respect, but blames it on the ignorance of physicists.

No, the problem with modern philosophers is that they are ignorant of modern science, and they deny that science is progressing towards truth.


  1. I wish David Stove was still alive. He fought the excesses of Darwinism and the cult of pseudoscience, including its supporting cast of philosophers. The point about leftist-atheist-evolutionists is that they are really a group of bandits and conscious Satanists. They know exactly what they're doing and have been an organized cult stretching way back. People just don't see the history of these people and pretend they are of recent origin. The ideologies they advocate are not even genuine except that they disrupt authority. I'm talking well before the enlightenment. They fundamentally want to overthrow Western society. I'm not sure why they have formed such a coherent group over such a long period of human history, except to say that they are the losers and misfits wanting to take control. They do conjure a lot of injustice that never existed. What's amazing is that they're so committed and doctrinaire. I doubt such loser elements of society have ever had such control. They will try to corrupt your children and brainwash people any way they can. The real danger is that they have completely dominated Western education. This monopoly goes complete unchallenged and now they have raised entire generations to infect the rest of society, such as the media. America may well be in its final hour. The demographics look doomed.

  2. Many people who claim to despise religion cling to scientism, which is to say, they cling to anything they think sounds scientific, and refuse to consider how limited scientific knowledge actually is by its very nature. Just because you can slap an officiously titled latin name on a black box on does not mean you have the slightest clue what is inside that box, or how it even works.

    Contrary to what Roger thinks, I do not agree that the 'goal' of science is progressing towards truth at all. I think science to slouching towards splintered priesthoods of highly political esoteric knowledge lorded carefully over the masses like an unquestionable relgion. Never before have so many 'educated' people been so largely useless except for the sole purpose of funding their rent-seeking selves. Science, a lack of humility, and the power of pull are a poor combination for advancement, and historically tend to be primarily used for the statist control of others.

    1. Certainly, technocracy is a major threat and many forms of central planning are forms of technocracy. However, I would modify what he says to say truths and not truth.