Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The quantum artificial intelligence

Here is some silly quantum hype:
Steve Wozniak maintained for a long time that true AI is relegated to the realm of science fiction. But recent advances in quantum computing have him reconsidering his stance.
Here is Here's How You Can Help Build a Quantum Computer:
Quantum computers—theoretical machines which can process certain large and difficult problems exponentially faster than classical computers—have been a mainstay of science fiction for decades. But actually building one has proven incredibly challenging.

A group of researchers at Aarhus University believes the secret to creating a quantum computer lies in understanding human cognition. So, they've built computer games to study us, first. ...

To build a quantum computer, researchers are first mapping human thoughts.
These would be some big advances in a field that has spent $100M just to discover that 15 = 3x5.

Peter Woit is back online, reporting more physics hype. He quotes Weinberg:
I am not a proponent of the idea that our Big Bang universe is just part of a larger multiverse.
Once other planets, stars, and galaxies were named, we had to have names for our planet, sun, and galaxy. I don't know the history, but I am guessing that it took a while for a term like "our Milky Way galaxy" to catch on.

So now we have the term "our Big Bang universe" to distinguish our universe from all the other universes. None of those other universes have names, as they cannot be observed. But we can name our universe, and cosmologists seem to be moving away from the idea that "universe" means everything.

The term "our Big Bang universe" suggests that it includes Earth and everything we see going back to the Big Bang, and everything emanating forward in time, but nothing before the Big Bang, and nothing that is so separated from us that relativity precludes any interaction with us.


  1. The term "Milky Way" is actually very old, it comes from the Greeks via the Romans. In Greek mythology, the goddess Hera Spills some milk from her breast while nursing (The beginning of the Hercules/Hera feuding), somehow this spilled across the night sky according to the story.

  2. Why aren't anti-gravity devices part of mainstream hype? This world is tilted in favour of quantum mechanics and that is just plain wrong. I'm tired of the bogus argument that electronics has made a better world. I don't like a discrete, algebraic, and entangled view of the world. I like continuous, geometric, and seperable. QM needs to be usurped.

  3. The crooks are bored with quantum computers and now want to live forever

  4. They just need quantum scales in order to measure their intelligence.

  5. Now neural networks are going to save the peoples republic.

  6. More evidence Science is kicking the bucket. Never ending computation and automation bullshit replacing expensive experimentation and fabrication. The Physicists are lowly computer programmers, the mathematicians are crooks, and the engineers are paper pushers. The anti-science agenda is everywhere...the garbage on the idiot box on the 2 "science" channels is non-stop paranormal bullshit. The masses of asses are only interested in convenience and mindless entertainment. The socialised sickcare system is bankrupting everyone except the crooks. The fraudsters called the management and political class are heading for the islands. All this electronic tech bullshit is absolutely worthless except in the fraud called fiat money.

    Endless bullshit physics texts on theory instead of the problems of experimental resolution. Math math math for the sake of math. Nothing but life science life science life science.