Friday, August 31, 2012

Questioning scalable quantum computing

The Physics Stack Exchange is a great site for answering physics equations. I mentioned below a famous Nobel prizewinner defending an idea that most physics discard as crazy. Craig Feinstein asks:
See "The Principle of Relativity" here: This was written by Poincare in 1904, a year before Einstein published his theory of relativity.

It appears from this and other writings of Poincare that Poincare discovered the theory of special relativity before Einstein. So why does Einstein get the credit?
He also asks:
As far as I know, scalable quantum computing has never been demonstrated either backwards in time or forwards in time. So a fortiori, I would think that this would be good enough evidence to suggest that scalable quantum computing is impossible. Yet, some physicists believe that scalable quantum computing is still possible. Why?
These are two areas where I think that the conventional wisdom is wrong. Check out the site to see how these ideas debated.

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