Thursday, December 7, 2023

IBM may soon have one Logical Qubit

SciAm reports:
IBM has unveiled the first quantum computer with more than 1,000 qubits — the equivalent of the digital bits in an ordinary computer. But the company says it will now shift gears and focus on making its machines more error-resistant rather than larger.

For years, IBM has been following a quantum-computing road map that roughly doubled the number of qubits every year. The chip unveiled on 4 December, called Condor, has 1,121 superconducting qubits arranged in a honeycomb pattern. ...

Researchers have generally said that state-of-the-art error-correction techniques will require more than 1,000 physical qubits for each logical qubit. A machine that can do useful computations would then need to have millions of physical qubits. ...

A new IBM road map on the its quantum research unveiled today sees it reaching useful computations — such as simulating the workings of catalyst molecules — by decade’s end.

Okay, one logical qubit, as soon as IBM gets that error correction figured out. And something useful by the year 2029.

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  1. One logical qubit, so basically the progress in "quantum computing" has not advanced one iota since 1997 when I first read about "quantum computers" in High School, where I was "too dumb to understand what was going on" simply because I pointed out the obvious fallacy of such an endeavor. Someone made a lot of money though!