Monday, June 12, 2023

Kaku Continues to Push Quantum Supremacy

The world's biggest Physics charlatan gave a Google lecture: Michio Kaku | Quantum Supremacy | Talks at Google.

He is entertaining to listen to, but he wildly distorts everything.

YouTube is trying to limit its reputation for spreading misinformation, slaps on this disclaimer:

Climate change
United Nations
Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns, mainly caused by human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels.
This is pointless. The talk is not even about climate.

I think the disclaimer is misleading. Humans are increasing the CO2 in the atmosphere, and that is probably responsible for most of the recent global warming. But the climate has been changing for millions of years, and I am not sure what it means to be mainly caused by humans.

Here a company eager for quantum computers:

Rolls-Royce runs simulations of the computational fluid dynamics (CFD when designing a jet engine) of the engine. A modern jet engine is a spinning maw of blades pulling in air at hundreds of miles per hour. Understanding how air moves through the engine as the turbine spins thousands of times per second is no simple feat for even the most powerful classical computers. Today, Rolls-Royce engineers have to scale down the CFD models or accept a lower level of detail. The firm believes quantum computing could pave the way toward more powerful and accurate simulations.

Sadly, the quantum computers we have at our disposal in 2023 aren't up to the challenge. The most capable quantum computers used in research have just a few dozen qubits (quantum bits), and the results aren't particularly reliable.

So it is doing simulations on Nvidia GPUs, like everyone else. There is no chance that those simulations will ever move to quantum computers.

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  1. Kaku is at best a science 'edutainer' who sells science fiction Star Trek-gee whiz physics to the starry eyed and gullible, the more fantastic and pop-cultural, the better. His emphasis is absurd science PR hype and selling himself (and his books), not scientific accuracy.

    I think Sabine Hossenfelder has shown an almost polite eyeroll for what he does, which always makes me smile.