Friday, February 10, 2023

Anti-trans Language about Snakes

A recent 15-author paper begins:
Championing inclusive terminology in ecology and evolution

Amid a growing disciplinary commitment to inclusion in ecology and evolutionary biology (EEB), it is critical to consider how the use of scientific language can harm members of our research community. ...

In recent years, events such as the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic and waves of anti-Black violence have highlighted the need for leaders in EEB to adopt inclusive and equitable practices in research, collaboration, teaching, and mentoring [1., 2., 3.].

Really, is that a fact? What are those waves of anti-Black violence?

There are references, so I checked them. One says:

Our non-Black colleagues must fight anti-Black racism and white supremacy within the academy to authentically promote Black excellence. Amplifying Black excellence in ecology and evolution is the antidote for white supremacy in the academy. ...

Black scholars in the life sciences are grieving, traumatized, exhausted, infuriated, frustrated and experiencing many other disparaging emotions4,12. As we attempt to operate in a system that presents extraordinary barriers to our success, we also watch our white counterparts thrive in a system equipped with the resources made for them7.

So it says the life sciences block Blacks, and make it easy for Whites. The reference to a Black Ivy League professor telling this story:
The officer asked for my license and registration. After he did whatever they do when they take your information back to their car, he came back and asked what I did for a living. I told him I was about to start a job as a professor, and that led to a long conversation about my life story. Once satisfied, he said I was free to go.

Before I drove off, I couldn't resist asking him why he pulled me over. "Your license plate is dirty," he responded. "You should get your car washed." If that was the true reason he pulled me over, then I'm not sure why he needed to know so much about my life history.

So he decided to wash his car more often, something a White professor might not have had to do!

Here is his only other gripe:

I was trained as a social psychologist to do basic research. ... senior faculty members told me that if I wanted to get tenure I would need to prioritize my basic research and set aside my "disparities stuff" until after tenure.
This is seriously delusional. White drivers also get pulled over by cops. Cops often ask nosy questions for a lot of reasons. Often they are just making conversation while they assess whether you are drunk. White researchers are also told to do basic research to get tenure.

The other references are no better.

This now passes for scholarship in today's scientific journals. Papers with a leftist agenda can present nonsense as facts. The above paper is filled with statements like:

Scientific terms used in EEB can also reinforce oppressive systems, discriminatory tropes, and offensive terms. For example, anti-trans language has been used to describe male snakes that engage in female mimicry, and phrases such as ‘sneaky mating strategy’ can normalize problematic male sexual behavior [6].
Next they will be objecting to terms like "male snakes".


  1. रंघुंनांथंरांवं पेंशंवें!

    Deleting the un-necessary 'm', 'n's, etc., and in the Plain English as I understood it, back then:

    Raghunathrao Peshave!

    [PS: Was talking of AI and my home town.]

  2. Roger,
    Josh Alexander, 16 years old, was suspended last November for merely saying there was only two genders. He was just arrested for coming back to school without renouncing his beliefs. He was given the ultimatum to recant his heretical 'beliefs', or not be allowed back in class... at a private Catholic High School. Literally, 'Mother of God help us if you can, cuz we need it real bad'. Canada, you should be ashamed of your government... and yourselves for electing it.

    There mere fact that a 16 year old boy having an opinion different than those who would claim to have authority is grounds for suspension (much less arrest) is more than disturbing. I believe our civilization is just about over when voicing an opinion contrary to somebody else's is considered a crime.

    It is a historical fact that when you have silenced mere disagreement using force, you encourage the next level of non verbal communication: violence. Canada should think this one over very carefully.

  3. I assume that the arrest isfor showing up at school after being suspended. He will not actually be charged with a crime. At least not for the crime of having an opinion, or dead-naming a fellow student.
    Yes, it is sad to see a Catholic school go woke like that.