Saturday, January 7, 2023

Why you can buy a Bobble-head Einstein

This week's Sabine Hossenfelder video is on Special Relativity: This Is Why You Misunderstand It.
The most important part of Einstein's theories is that they combine space and time into one common entity, space-time. This idea didn't come from Einstein but from Minkowski, but Einstein was the one to understand what itmeans. Which is why today you cany buy a bobble-head Einstein but not a bobble-head Minkowski. Sorry Minkowski.
No, the idea came from Poincare's 1905 paper, and further developed by Minkowski in 1907. Einstein missed it in his papers, and even admitted:
Since the mathematicians have invaded the theory of relativity, I do not understand it myself anymore.
Almost everything she says was from Poincare and Minkowski, and not even understood by Einstein until around 1915. She adopts a modern geometrical interpretation that Einstein rejected most of his life.

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  1. You combine space and time... and then notice nothing moves.... except the person who actually is looking at it. Spacetime can only function (at best poorly) when you do a sleight of hand with time and space, you basically outsource your time to the idiot looking at your static space time graph. What a ridiculous con job of physics to place so much emphasis on a model of reality that doesn't even allow for anything to move much less start moving without the observer pushing it along like a child's toy car. So much for reality.

    I'm curious how Einstein, the man who thought the moon was there even when you weren't looking at it, could conceive of a model of space and time that didn't function without an observer's eyeball tracking through the damn time frames to make it go like a kid's cartoon... a movement which is not even possible within said space time.

    If folks want to idolize such nonsense, no wonder they aren't able to figure things out.