Thursday, December 8, 2022

Holographic Wormhole on a Microchip

From Nature, the leading European science journal:
A holographic wormhole in a quantum computer

Physicists have used a quantum computer to generate an entity known as an emergent wormhole. Quantum systems can be linked by entanglement even when separated by extremely long distances. The authors generated a highly entangled quantum state between the two halves of a quantum computer, creating an alternative description, known as a holographic dual, in the form of an emergent wormhole stretched between two exterior regions. They then simulated a message traversing this wormhole. Such exotic physics is part of efforts to reconcile quantum mechanics with the general theory of relativity.

Dr. Quantum Supremacy responds:
Tonight, David Nirenberg, Director of the IAS and a medieval historian, gave an after-dinner speech to our workshop, centered around how auspicious it was that the workshop was being held a mere week after the momentous announcement of a holographic wormhole on a microchip (!!) — a feat that experts were calling the first-ever laboratory investigation of quantum gravity, and a new frontier for experimental physics itself. Nirenberg asked whether, a century from now, people might look back on the wormhole achievement as today we look back on Eddington’s 1919 eclipse observations providing the evidence for general relativity.

I confess: this was the first time I felt visceral anger, rather than mere bemusement, over this wormhole affair. Before, I had implicitly assumed: no one was actually hoodwinked by this. No one really, literally believed that this little 9-qubit simulation opened up a wormhole, or helped prove the holographic nature of the real universe, or anything like that. I was wrong.

That 1919 eclipse was hyped with a NY Times headline: “Men of Science More or Less Agog Over Results of Eclipse Observations”.

Update: Here is the Quanta video.

Almost a century ago, Albert Einstein realized that the equations of general relativity could produce wormholes. But it would take a number of theoretical leaps and a “crazy” team of experimentalists to build one on Google's quantum computer. Read the full article at Quanta Magazine:
Quanta used to be a respectable magazine. As was Nature, which is now filled with woke nonsense.


  1. It's only now that I watched the video. Exceptionally well made. I will sure get in touch with the producer when the time comes to make a video on my iqWaves theory. These poor simpletons will at least get something real to work with. I mean, if they can produce this awesome a video even about this wormhole thing, just imagine what they would do with a real theory...

    But of course, coming back to the actual contents of the video: that's a joke. The video itself makes it so much easier to spot. Here is the essential logic:

    ER spotted that GR allows for wormholes.

    Now focus on 04:10 onwards. Susskind says:

    ``The basic idea was that when you have quantum entanglement between two black holes, necessarily there will be a wormhole connecting them.''

    Note the subtle shift. He is *not* saying:

    If there is a wormhole between two blackholes, as implied by the framework of GR, then QM entanglement between the two blackholes is how we might be able to explain it.

    Instead, he has already begun inverting the hierarchy (though it takes a second look to spot it, he is brilliant!). What, instead, Susskind says is this:

    If there are two GR-theoretical blackholes, and if we add QM entanglement to them, then, the GR-theoretical wormhole would come into being with that entanglement alone.

    See how he has already begun implying that there can be no explanation for the wormholes other than what *he* proposes? See the subtle reduction in the scope? Marvellous!

    Still, there is no joke until this point, just an untested but entertainable hypothesis --- albeit with a definite inclination to invert the hierarchy (which itself becomes apparent only on second or third examination).

    The joke itself, however, begins when he then turns around the ER = EPR equation, and implies:

    Every QM entanglement = wormhole, full stop.

    The emphasis is on ``every''. That's where the inversion of has been completed.

    According to Susskind, even when a QM entanglement does not occur among objects interacting with real and sufficiently strong gravity, even when a QM
    entanglement occurs in such a way that no part of it actually shows any features of the physical BH structures, still, just because the QM entanglement exists, the entanglement has to be seen as in and by itself constituting a wormhole.

    This is the central inversion to which everything else in the video is anchored.

    It is fascinating!

    I mean, what he is doing here is this:

    He is making two BHs at the two ends vanish from the schematic logic, using the delicate device of his will alone.

    He doesn't make them disappear by giving a full description of the black hole phenomenon via a QMcal description. He also doesn't make them disappear through maths disconnected from physical world (whether of string theory in 10 dimensions, its projection to fewer dimensions but somehow containing the same ``information'', then on to holographic projection to the boundary, etc.). He does not even use the device of equating simulation with physical reality. He makes the two ends disappear sheer through the force of his will.

    If Susskind were not to be so reputed, respected, and as I gather, also as much loved a physics professor from an eminent American university as he is, I would've without hesitation said: ``Plain and simple, this guy has gone nuts. He is deluded. He has lost his grip on reality.''

    But of course, in this case, I don't know what to say. The phenomenon is too new to me. I have to think. Or better, I might as well just call it a joke, and leave the whole thing behind me. Someone else ought to be better equipped to deal with a nonsense like that. Someone else --- if at all *any* one.

    Incidentally, if he were not to equate ER to EPR, his inclination to invert the hierarchy would have remained obscure, and so, none would have noticed it, and so, none would have seen him as the architect of a joke. Prof. Susskind went a bit too far.

    ...Anyway, I've to go, run some errands nearby...


  2. Wormholes are just another flavor of the mathematical fiction of Black Holes, which are really just outright data holes based on Hilbert's ridiculous mass without sources in a 4D matrix with an incorrectly assigned time variable. This lead to physicists saying things like: "See that area we have no actual data or understanding of and can't really measure or examine or ever even get close to? That's how our theory works."

    I have no doubt there will be much furious publishing and citation length dick measuring contests in the wake of this wonderous 'discovery' of absolutely nothing. Don't know how something works or connects to something else? Quick, just use our instant wormhole bullshit glue to fix your broken theory and amaze your gullible peers!