Saturday, March 5, 2022

Science Backs Transgender Voodoo

The Science Friday podcast is mostly straight science, but often ventures into leftist politics.

Yesterday, it claimed science supports gender-affirming care for kids:

Attorney General Ken Paxton issued an opinion that defined providing access to certain gender-affirming treatment as child abuse, leaving some parents worried about the safety of their families and some advocates concerned about the well-being of trans kids in Texas. ...

Student Hayden Cohen is a non-binary 17-year-old and co-president of their schools’ Gay Straight Alliance at Houston ISD. Last Wednesday, they received a rush of panicked messages from members of the club.

These treatments are very controversial, at best. I would not mind if the show gave scientific arguments and data for and against them. But of course it did not do that.

This was about like a program in the 1950s praising lobotomies as a miracle of modern science, without ever mentioning how they can be bad.

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  1. Imagine your eight year old daughter going to their teacher and demanding a nose job and/or breast enhancement and/or liposuction, and the teacher does not disclose this to the parent, in fact the teacher tells the parent they have no business even knowing about it... sounds really bad.

    'Hold my beer' said the 'educators'...

    Even worse, say your eight year old's school teacher was the one approaching your child and strongly advocating these purely cosmetic procedures while hiding it from the parent, telling them they had no right to interfere with your daughter's 'self image and self esteem'
    ... sounds reeealy bad.

    'Hold my beer again' said the 'educators'...

    Ok, how about this: Your son's teacher is advocating to your eight year old son to be castrated in the name of the purely magical phrase 'I identify as..' and is intentionally hiding it from you the parent, because 'muh inclusion & diversity' trumps any parental rights.

    Mutilating and castrating children so one can feel 'good' about being an 'advocate' to a mental disorder while 'empowering' the whim of a child. This is what 'education' has come to in the western world.

    I believe this party is almost over.