Thursday, February 24, 2022

Giant Plan to Racialize Science Publishing

Nature magazine reports:
The giant plan to track diversity in research journals

Efforts to chart and reduce bias in scholarly publishing will ask authors, reviewers and editors to disclose their race or ethnicity.

In the next year, researchers should expect to face a sensitive set of questions whenever they send their papers to journals, and when they review or edit manuscripts. More than 50 publishers representing over 15,000 journals globally are preparing to ask scientists about their race or ethnicity — as well as their gender — in an initiative that’s part of a growing effort to analyse researcher diversity around the world.

Nothing good will come of this. Scientific productivity has probably already peaked, and may never return to the glories of the XX century.

1 comment:

  1. Racists against racism? If I was asked what my 'race' was in order to be published, I would proudly respond I belonged to the tribe of "BITE ME". There really is no other appropriate response.

    I wait with bated breath for them to also demand people's political affiliation and religion as well, all in the good name of inclusion. Who knew, outright racism and bigotry is actually empowering and inclusive!