Friday, January 28, 2022

SciAm Complains that Students are Skeptics

SciAm reports:
When Amanda Gardner, an educator with two decades of experience, helped to start a new charter elementary and middle school outside of Seattle last year, she did not anticipate teaching students who denied that the Holocaust happened, argued that COVID is a hoax and told their teacher that the 2020 presidential election was rigged. Yet some children insisted that these conspiracy fantasies were true.
Pres. Biden and the Democrat Party just made a big effort to abolish the filibuster because they said elections can be rigged, and they need radical changes to election law. Hillary Clinton continues to claim that hte 2016 election was rigged.

If elections are not held in open and transparent ways so that the people can see that they are proper, then of course people will think that they are rigged.

USA Today reports:

Fact check: The COVID-19 pandemic is not a hoax
Yes, the virus is real, and a lot of people have died. But a lot of official advice has been mistaken, and for most people it is about the same as influenza.

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  1. Roger,
    People have good reason to be skeptical, as they ALWAYS should be. It is embarrassing to hear politicians and scientists complain about how folks don't trust them even as they spin narratives that change constantly as they attempt to cover their own asses. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, which means you can't tune out and leave those who seek power unsupervised and unquestioned.

    Dr. Fauci has lied repeatedly about his involvement with forced gain research to congress directly, and the part he played in there even being a Covid 19 virus to begin with. Anyone that has questioned anything this man has said has been vilified as 'anti science' and 'misinformation' by both the scientific establishment and the main stream media.

    Early on, Dr. Fauci was informed by a number of virologists that Covid 19 has very strange characteristics for a natural disease, and that there were multiple indicators that the disease may have been engineered. The very same virologists suddenly did a 180 on this position, and several months later were the recipients of multi million dollar grants. Nothing to see here...?

    As I have stated on multiple occasions, scientists are just people, and aren't more inherently honest, pure, ethical, or even competent. A skilled profession does not grant ANYONE virtue or good character. No one would ever say that their plumber, electrician, or garbage man was more 'trustworthy' because of their trade.

    If scientists want blind faith and unwavering trust in their claims, political positions, and actions, they should quit calling themselves scientists and start calling themselves activists, priests, and politicians.

    As of late, The scientific community is largely convinced that they must present a lockstep consensus publicly, while only behind closed doors do they honestly admit their disagreement and uncertainty. This has got to stop. If you can't be honest and transparent about process, you can't be trusted to do science, especially on the taxpayer dime.