Monday, March 8, 2021

Quantum supremacy claims are disproved

Scott Aaronson now admits that a new paper has swung an axe at Google's claims of quantum supremacy. He had endorsed those claims as proving that a quantum computed did a computation that was not feasible on a classical.

Now a pair of Chinese researchers have show that the computation can be done fairly easily on a classical computer.

Aaronson has bet his career on quantum computing, and he is not giving up. He says that the quantum computer might be tweaked to make it supreme again. We shall see.

Update: Aaronson also now admits that the Microsoft quantum computing research has failed. I previously reported the Microsoft retraction in February.


  1. Roger,
    The thing that is most disturbing about what you report is not that Scott Aaronson is a shill for bullshit, it is that there are so many highly educated people pursuing the construction of magic computers to solve problems instead of learning how to properly program and utilize actual computers.

    If one studies the history of the development of computing, the first lesson one learns is that finding a more efficient way of using what you do have is more effective at solving problems than finding ever more complicated methods of solving problems with what you don't have.

    Quantum supremacy is a contrived urgency to solve an imaginary problem looking for a very expensive imaginary solution that will never reward those who are actually paying for it. It's the equivalent of a McWork program for the highly credentialed.