Saturday, September 19, 2020

Endorsing Biden, stating no good reason

You would think that if our nation's smartest men were making a public policy endorsement, then they would have hard facts or analysis to back up what they are saying. Nope, their statements are as dopey as CNN commentators.

81 Nobel Laureate endorse Biden:

During his long record of public service, Joe Biden has consistently demonstrated his willingness to listen to experts, ...
24 Turing Award Laureates say the same:
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris listen to experts before setting public policy, essential when science and technology may help with many problems facing our nation today. As American computer scientists and as US citizens, we enthusiastically endorse Joe Biden for President and Kamala Harris for Vice President.
Really? This is pitiful. After 4 years of Pres. Trump, can't they find some specific grievance against him, or some explanation of how Biden will do better?

Saying that Biden listens to experts is the lamest endorsement imaginable. The laureates do not even pretend that Biden brings any competence to the White House. They seem to be just saying that Biden is a puppet, but he is a puppet of the forces that they are ideologically aligned with.

I am sure all these geniuses have the intellectual capacity to say something substantive and/or original. My guess is that "listen to experts" is some sort of code phrase for "controlled by the Deep State".

I think what is most notable is what they don't say. No complaints about the economy, or foreign policy, or science funding, or energy policy, or trade policy, or even about George Floyd. I wonder if they even believe what they say, or if they are just going thru the motions to please their colleagues.

1 comment:

  1. Thank god experts are never wrong...
    except about the economy in general,
    and about Trump colluding with Russia...for four years,
    and about America being inherently racist,
    and about renewables being green,
    and about catastrophic global warming any day now (for the last 30 years),
    and about Covid in any predictive way,
    and about god particles and superstrings,
    and about NAFTA being such a great idea,
    and about giving China favored trade status,
    and about America being a 'service' economy,

    and just a few other things, they are always right!

    I for one have no reason to trust a technocrat, or someone who thinks an 'expert' should tell them what to think, or who takes the side of people who were burning American cities down.

    Joe Biden also harped on fake Russian collusion nonsense while his own (more than a smidgen)corrupt dealings in the Ukraine and China poured millions of dollars into the 'expert' hands of his son.

    Good judgement doesn't come from a lack of common sense, and someone who would lead can't be calling the people he needs to vote for him 'racists'.