Tuesday, January 14, 2020

More funding for quantum computing

NextGov reports:
The Energy Department pledged up to $625 million to help stand up two to five multidisciplinary quantum information science research centers between now and 2025.

According to a funding opportunity announcement launched Friday, the agency will abide by a mandate set forth in a 2018 law to support the creation of several QIS centers to expedite revolutionary advances in science and quantum-based technology — and ultimately continue to secure the United States’ position at the forefront of the global quantum computing landscape.

"Critical to America's leadership in this field, the new quantum research centers provide training and collaboration opportunities for the next generation of QIS scientists and engineers,” Ivanka Trump, the president’s adviser and daughter, said in a statement. She went on to thank Energy for working to strengthen America’s “competitiveness in this industry of the future."

President Trump signed the National Quantum Initiative Act over a year ago, which helped catalyze a range of federal investments and industry advancements in QIS. On top of requiring coordinated, multi-agency efforts to boost QIS research and training, the law also called for the establishment of four to ten competitively awarded QIS research centers. Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette said in a statement Friday that the agency wants to help “ensure that America remains a world leader in this rapidly advancing field.”
Nobody wants to say that this is a boondoggle.


  1. Dear Roger,

    No, you don't doubt my integrity, do you?

    Never received a single professorship, directorship, or, for that matter, even a mere post-doc-ship or a (fructified) PhD-ship from you Americans. Or, Indians. [Or, Journos, or Isralites, or Russians, etc. Or, the British/Canadian/Etc.]

    But the truth is the truth.

    The whole thing is this:

    Can they control a large-enough a molecule with sufficient engineering or not?

    Given my circumstance, I think they already factored in (if they are real Indians (i.e. Brahmins)) what could possibly be done.

    Chances, as of this point of time are: "perhaps".

    But they *already* made a humongous amount of money. They can protect their life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (together with journos---paid, of course). [Yes, I know about Jefferson---the White.]

    Even I could have aced the American Citizenship Exam. As administered in my times.

    Anyway, that's where the matter stands.

    I think they benefit from me. But I also think that they take the "paper-benefit" the way they always did, in knowing which possibility is greater.

    Without funding or riches (their vs. mine---with just my mind besides me) I think they won't build the necessary large molecule, in the next 8--10 years.

    In the meanwhile, expect Israelites and Brahmins and the Similar to flood America and/or Funding---even on this count.

    As to me, I like my surroundings. Actually, my own even better surroundings.

    PS: No, they won't build a large enough a molecule in the next decade. Call me over (with a collect-call, if you have the money.)

    1. I mean, my Even Better surroundings, as from my Past. From in India, of course.

      PS: I will let the rest of the misunderstandings rest wherever they might.

  2. Quantum computing IS just a buzz word for money.