Saturday, September 8, 2018

Another claim for QC real soon

Latest quantum computer hype:
Today the [Berkeley-based startup Rigetti] launched a project in the mold of Amazon Web Services (AWS) called Quantum Cloud Services. "What this platform achieves for the very first time is an integrated computing system that is the first quantum cloud services architecture," says Chad Rigetti, founder and CEO of his namesake company. The dozen initial users Rigetti has announced include biotech and chemistry companies harnessing quantum technology to study complex molecules in order to develop new drugs. The particular operations that the quantum end of the system can do, while still limited and error-prone, are nearly good enough to boost the performance of traditional computers beyond what they could do on their own -- a coming milestone called quantum advantage. "My guess is this could happen anytime from six to 36 months out," says Rigetti.
My guess is that their investors said that they require results in 6 to 36 months.

There is no chance that this company will have any success before the funding runs out.


  1. Roger,

    You really make me laugh at times, or is it [just] you?


  2. I would consider nuclear fusion as something technically possible...and yet it has been 'in another five to ten years' for going on over sixty years.

    I would consider 'quantum computing' as something that conflates 'interpretations' of probabilistic syntactics with the functioning of physical reality, and has far more to do with employing scientists than actually accomplishing anything.

    Just ask them how much (one of the scientists working on the project) money they would be willing to bet on actually building a quantum computer that performs as advertised.

  3. Are we going to get a blog post on a Scott Aaronson's Cheesy Italian prize?

  4. Roger, you should be given a medal for being one of the only people to say that QCs are impossible in principle. It's not opinion, You are absolutely correct. It's getting really stupid out there. Grade inflation or something.