Monday, July 17, 2017

Political work by feminist geographers

I mentioned a feminist geography paper,
and now it has gotten play from Rush Limbaugh and Jerry Coyne:
Now I haven’t read the entire paper in detail, as even I have limits on my ability to tolerate this kind of writing, but I at least get what they’re saying. The authors cite data showing that work by women and non-Anglophones is cited less frequently than is work by English speakers and men. I suppose there are several possible reasons for this, including bigotry, but it’s hard to discern what’s at play because one must somehow discern a paper’s importance and visibility (i.e., where it was published) to judge whether it should have been cited, and that’s nearly impossible.
The obvious explanation is that no one cites feminist geography because it is garbage.

A reader points out that Nature published an article on hypothetical (ie, impractical) quantum gravity experiments without realizing that there was already a huge literature on the subject. I guess no one cites that literature because it is so disconnected with reality.

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  1. It would be nice if we actually taught more geography in the schools. Economics is barely taught as well. Feminists are not really a problem because they don't reproduce. They're a self-correcting error. Too much inbreeding and cultural conditioning creates repressed and abnormal psychology. The pill also plays a role. I think we are dealing mostly with genetic malfunctioning with these women. The same can be said for violence or addiction in men. Many of these dysfunctional are expressed in proportion to the development of society and life quality. That would be the opposite of what one might expect, unless you realize the funny social pressures in the human past and in many world cultures, which bred goofy traits. We are many times just dealing with caveman and cavewomen instincts. Men are naturally providers and women a kind of reproducing parasite who are tied to children. Modern liberals and conservatives overestimate the rationality of people and downplay how much necessity and social pressure made up the past. The modern world is just releasing the repressed realities in human beings. Maybe a different course of evolution will slowly weather some of these exaggerated and out of context traits.