Friday, May 19, 2017

Quantum computers are just around the corner

A reader sends this UniversityHerald story:
Tech giant IBM, recently announced that it has created two powerful chips that would make quantum devices more scalable. The first is a prototype that uses 17 qubits, which is more than nine in a device built by Google. ...

IBM also confirmed that it is planning to increase the qubits in its devices, most probably up to 50 qubits or more in the years to come. This seems like a conservative projection considering the fact that Google announced earlier this year that it is planning to build a 49-qubit quantum chip before 2017 ends.

Google and IBM are not the only tech companies that are vying for supremacy in quantum computing. Microsoft, Intel, and other tech startups are making their own research to create the first useful quantum computer.

At this point, no one really knows who will lead the quantum computing race but one thing is certain: quantum computers are just around the corner.
This is all a scam.

At least we will find out soon. If IBM or Google achieve quantum supremacy this year, I will have to admit that I am wrong. I might be so embarrassed as to shut down the blog.

Otherwise, I hope IBM and Google will admit that my blog was right, and they were wrong.


  1. Nothing wrong with being wrong in science. At least you are making real predictions.

    It will be interesting to see how they spin it when they get to the point where they cannot add any more qubits.

  2. Roger,
    The proof in the pudding is where they have to demonstrate they can actually use these quantum chips to do anything a classical cpu can not. They have seriously oversold their 'qubits' capabilities at a minimum. I don't think their customers are going to be amused by this.

    1. Right, they haven't even given us COMPELLING PROBLEMS TO SOLVE WITH ONE! These idiots can't even figure out how to speed up existing computers with finite field computations and do all computation exactly. Morons.

  3. Don't worry, Roger, You have a great track record and I have every confidence that you will be proven right about quantum computing!