Friday, February 3, 2017

Rovelli argues for quantum gravity

Italian physicist Carlo Rovelli says:
We know general relativity. We know quantum mechanics. What keeps together protons in atoms? What keeps together protons of quarks? These are well-defined properties. Quantum gravity — it’s the concrete stuff. What happens in the center of a black hole? Nobody knows what happens. Why? Because gravity becomes quantum. What happened in the very, very beginning of the universe? Nobody knows because gravity was quantum there. So we need a quantum theory of gravity. It’s not driven by big dreams. It’s driven by specific physical problems and specific inconsistencies in a set of theories that work well.
No, that is not correct. Nobody knows what happens in the center of a black hole because the center is not observable. Likewise for that "very, very beginning of the universe".

this is some sort of modern theology where the high priests want to tell us what happens in Hell or the Astral plane. It might be entertaining, but it has little or nothing to do with science.

The whole subject of quantum gravity is a big scam.

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