Monday, June 24, 2013

Quantum poll likes Bohm over Bohr

I mentioned previous surveys of foundational attitudes, and now there is another poll of physicists on quantum mechanics.

This poll has 63% saying their favorite interpretation of quantum mechanics is De-Broglie-Bohm, and 70% saying that Bohr was wrong. It appears that physics has regressed over the last 80 years. The De-Broglie-Bohm interpretation doesn't even make much sense, and has not been extended to enough situations to be useful. It is much stranger than conventional interpretations. It is misguided for reasons that Bohr correctly explained decades ago.

Physics is in a sorry state. It used to be that it was led by people who could reliably tell us what is correct. Okay, they can tell us whether there is a Higgs bozon boson. But why can't they give us better answers to these questions?


  1. "bozon" Is that a typo or a joke?

  2. "Consensus is the lowest form of truth seeking." -- R. Schlafly

    I always liked that one. Hopefully I've quoted or paraphrased you correctly; if not, "Sorry" and please delete comment. But I say "I'm right" and I can furnish you with a great track record of good memory feats. I also feel fairly comfortable as far as "actually dredging-up the quote" -- but maybe it no longer exists in an appreciable form; and to make matters worse, what if I'm right, but Roger hotly denies it? Sometimes, others have sworn (as in "cussed", not e.g. "via affidavit") that on various accounts, I actually got it wrong. At times like that I think "Naw, they're just a bunch of putzes striving blindly for truth-via-consensus."